Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Yoruba Demon

Recently I came across this two group of words trending online and i was so curious to research the topic . only to found out that fulcrum of the whole concept behind the topic is heart breaking by some high ranked metropolitan dwellers in this part of the world . do we say its just a swag in the 21st century . Bachelor swag of Lagos  metropolitan dweller  

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

AU Agenda 2063 begging for African Youths Inclusion in Governance

Au Agenda 2063 will never be implemented if African Nations refused to include youth in governance

Friday, 28 September 2012

Flood in River Niger and its Environ.

Flood is that  has currently taken over Lokoja, Markudi part of Edo and area around rivers Niger. is becoming worrisome as crocodiles now took over the streets and people find it very difficult to access their home. the question many Nigerians are asking is how long will it take federal government of Nigeria to discharge her responsibilities to these concerned Nigerian for government that love setting up for committee for every issue. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nigerian leaders are taken citizens for granted

Its very important to let Nigerian leaders know that in as much as Nigerian are tagged as the happiest people in the world, it does not guarantee that Nigerian can not go other way round. hence Nigerian leaders should stop taken Nigerian citizen for granted. if Nepotism and corruption  is not properly addressed , Nigerian especially youth will be pushed to the wall and bounced back strongly to say no in  aggressive way. hence Leaders should cultivate habit of listening to the cry of citizen even at the grassroots and formulate policy that will enhance quality living among Nigerians. for instance i was supposed to be given loan at abeokuta oke imosan Ogun state immediately after my NYSC in 2009 under NDE programme. but some glutton sat on the loan or probably collect the loan for their own selfish use. I scaled through the process of selection for the loan but was denied on the long run.more so,some agency such as Nigerian customs now collect as high as 2million Naira to offer employment,because vacancy for current people at the camp for training now are not been published,  a friend was telling me of recent that the sum of 250k was collected to in order to give job to poor Nigerian under federal civil service recruitment that took place of recent.  these and many more are the things happening now.hence many Nigerians had already lost hope in our current leaders and are patiently waiting for that little push that will trigger revolution. hence it is very important  for Nigerian leaders to adhere to caution.

Music rejuvenate human

Music is part of our life and it is one of the reason why some people live, saanu michael  wrote on his website while it is essential to take music very important, it rejuvenate brain . it ease mental fatigue and does lots of beautiful  things to our system.. its very important to know that music serve as food for our spirit man and it dialogue with spirit and emotional part of us.  In Nigeria alone and some other part of Africa, music is a source of income to lots of young people . Music in European countries is also one of the tools that contribute to the economy. apes and other mammalian can not appreciate music like human being will do, hence it makes us difference from all other animals. music can be used to settle dispute between couples. visit to know more about music

Monday, 3 September 2012


Slavery to many people has been abolished in Africa, but little did people know that the way and greedy motive  behind slavery coming from most of the African leaders still persist, taking Nigeria as an example, most slavery that took place then was as a result of  some European gin given to the leaders, some were given mirror, bottles and hence these leaders facilitates capturing of fellow Nigerian to be enslaved. this attitude still exist passively today because most of the policy that Nigerian and some other African leaders  received are been influenced directly or indirectly by these developed countries. however, Nigerian leaders and her counterpart all over the African countries should desist from been allowed to be used and influenced to carry out policy that never fit into their terrain in other to foster unity and prevent social problem that may escalate in the